Debian Cron Not Running Daily, Weekly, Monthly Jobs?

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Some VPS vendors, when they provision your server, will install a very bare-bones OS. Debian’s default /etc/crontab includes lines to run the scripts in /etc/cron.{daily,weekly,monthly}, and it’s encouraged to place additional scripts in those directories to run jobs on a simple schedule.

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Adding “contrib” Extensions to MacPorts PostgreSQL

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PostgreSQL is my database of choice. The main reason is that a standard distribution comes with just about everything one could ask for in a free RDBMS, and if what you want isn’t already installed, it’s often in the “contrib” directory. In particular, now that I’m doing a lot of iOS development, and location awareness is a big part of mobile apps, it’s useful to be able to work with coordinates. PostgreSQL does this using the cube data type and earthdistance functions, both in “contrib”.

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Web Roulette 1.0.1 is on the App Store

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Apple approved the 1.0.1 update to Web Roulette earlier this week. It fixes a potential crash when submitting links back to us and addresses a UI glitch on the “about” screen.

One interesting statistic from the first couple weeks of sales is that iPad users are the large majority of daily users. It’s hard (impossible?) to say if this is because there is less competition in the iPad part of the App Store or if people prefer to use a web-centric app like Web Roulette on an iPad.