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Yesterday, Laurent Sansonetti announced RubyMotion, the first product from his new company, HipByte. Laurent is the creator of MacRuby and worked on it part-time while an employee at Apple.

RubyMotion is interesting, but I don’t have any plans to use it myself, especially for client work. There are two reasons.

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I am not an artist, but a fact of life when creating apps in 2012 is that Apple’s standard Cocoa controls don’t provide everything. PaintCode is perfect for those times when I need a relatively simple icon that can be composed from shapes and I don’t have the budget to hire a designer.

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Old iPad + Air Display = Awesome

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Here’s one thing to do with an older iPad if you recently replaced it with the new Retina model:

Get Air Display on the iOS App Store ($10) and use that older iPad as a second display when you’re working away from your regular desk.

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Lights Post-Mortem

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After two full seasons in the App Store, it’s a good time to look at how Lights Finder has performed and examine some of the metrics.

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Non-Rectangular Buttons on iOS

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sample remote from Yahoo! Connected TV iOS SDKOne of the projects I worked on last year was the iOS SDK for Yahoo! Connected TV. Along with the SDK, Yahoo! wanted to ship an example app that demonstrated use of the SDK. Take a look at the screenshot to the right. See anything a little out of the ordinary?

Several of the buttons, especially the colored ones along the bottom half of the directional pad, are not rectangular.

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Apps for Water

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Apps for Water is a promotion organized by Gaucho Software to benefit charity: water. We are participating and will be donating 100% of the proceeds from sales of Lights Finder, Web Roulette, and In Season on Tuesday, December 20, 2011. There are many other excellent apps participating. Find something you like and help a worthy cause at the same time!

CueYou on All Sides with Ann Fisher

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Light Year Software has been working with CueYou, Ltd. for the last few months on their exciting new app. This morning they were guests on All Sides with Ann Fisher to talk about the product.

Christmas Lights Finder Updated for 2011

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We’re pleased to announce that the 2011 update to our Christmas Lights Finder is now available on the App Store. This year’s update features a beautiful new design by Sarah Bush, and adds a few new ways to explore, including videos. The directory of lights now has over 1,750 entries. We believe it is the largest in the world!

You can read more in the press release.

Unit Testing Cocoa with MacRuby

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I spend most of my development time split between Rails and iOS. Each offers a rich API that makes building projects much more productive and enjoyable. There is one place, however, that Ruby clobbers Objective-C: testing.

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Slides from Cocoa Networking Talk

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I have posted the slides from my talk on networking with Cocoa at CocoaConf. For those that attended: thank you! It was great meeting so many new people and having the opportunity to present.

One common suggestion for improvement from attendees was for demos. These are always tricky with networking topics, because you never know how good the Wi-Fi will be at a conference. When I give this talk in the future, I think I will split it into two, build some demos, and bring a second laptop with a cross-over cable.