iOS and Android apps, along with a website that provides a modern swim meet management system . The apps are used by timers and officials to time the races and record DQs, and the data is automatically uploaded to the web based management system.


Native iOS and Android apps developed to solicit ratings and feedback on companies in support of the Reverb ETF.

LSAT Angel

React Native mobile app used for LSAT tutoring. App is used by students to answer practice questions,.

Pulse Outreach: Move Closer App

Move Closer provides a set of iOS and Android apps that serves up video and audio content to users that they can work through and discuss with friends.  Includes a basic CMS management service for the organization to update their content.

Group Study App

The Group Study App includes iOS and Android apps that provide bible study content to groups of users and allows them to interact and discuss the content. Includes a basic CMS management service for the organization to update their content.


Brewtist assists homebrewers in recipe creation and brew day management.

Digital Choir

iOS app that allows choir directors to easily make combined a virtual recordings of individually submitted recordings. Recordings are automatically synched with a background recording so that timing aligns to make the mixing process easier.


CoreX Equine, Therapy, and Sports Core Stability Feedback apps: targeted apps for competitive horseback riders, athletes, or physical therapists that use the rotation vector sensor to track user body position. Allows for alerts while riding/exercising as well of graphs of historical performance. Includes work to support a third party Bluetooth LE sensor as an alternative to the phone’s motion sensor.


Golf outing management apps (Android and iOS) that allow players to enter their scores from the course and see updated leader boards for the outings.


tvOS app that plays looping HD audio/videos to set ambiance in a room, such as a beach scene, fireplace, and aquarium. Includes in-app purchase of videos and several upgraded features.

Table37, LLC

Table37 is a full-featured iPad-based restaurant management system. We built an iPad app for use inside the restaurant, iPhone and Android apps for diners to easily make reservations, and a Rails-based website to tie everything together. Restaurants can also embed reservation widgets on their own website and Facebook pages.

Cue You, Ltd.

Cue You is a messaging system designed to maintain the independence of the elderly and developmentally disabled. We built the scheduling website used by the caregivers and the iPhone app used by those they love.

Abercrombie & Fitch

We worked with Abercrombie & Fitch’s in-house design team to develop iPhone apps for their primary A&F brand and Hollister, and shipped several seasonal updates. These apps feature an almost 100% custom interface, but use many standard Cocoa controls to retain an iOS native feel.

Acacia Tree Software

Prior to introducing the iOS edition of SousChef, Acacia wanted to build a new back-end API to replace an aging Perl codebase. We built the new one on Rails, using the existing legacy schema, combined with Sphinx for extremely fast full-text search.