Introducing ZingLists

Posted by: on Jul 23, 2007 in Blog, News | Tags: , | No Comments

Last week, we finally launched our first product: ZingLists. It’s a community-oriented site for making and sharing lists. What kind of lists?

  • Simple, itemized lists for things like what to put in a home emergency/disaster kit
  • To-do lists where tasks have a due date and even a schedule for repeating the task
  • Fun, lighthearted lists of your favorite CDs, movies, places to go…

ZingLists is not the first time I’ve built a real web site, but it is my first serious project that uses Ruby on Rails and I have to say that it has been a very enjoyable experience. There is only one thing I can think of where I wanted to do a little more than Rails offered out of the box, and there wasn’t already a hook somewhere. (More about that later.)

The site is quite young at the moment and so public content is a little thin, but it will get better over time. Feature-wise, the site is very useful. I have had my personal to-do lists running from it for a couple of months, and have been using it for more generic list keeping as well.

There is almost always room for improvement, though, so if anyone has any feedback, feel free to leave a comment here or drop us a note at the support page.