Xcode User Defaults

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Xcode as a development environment matches my working style fairly well, but there are two things about it that have bothered me. The first is a warning when I try to undo edits across a file save event. Since I have Xcode set up to save all files before a build, this happens often when I try an experiment and don’t like it.

The second is code completion for language constructs such as if statements. Xcode wants to do this:

if (condition) {

While I used this style a long time ago, today I want the opening brace on its own line:

if (condition)

No amount of digging in the preferences will provide a way to change these behaviors, however there is a lot of customizability hidden in the Xcode User Defaults. My two issues are solved quite easily:

$ defaults write com.apple.Xcode XCShowUndoPastSaveWarning NO
$ defaults write com.apple.Xcode XCCodeSenseFormattingOptions -dict BlockSeparator "\n"