vendor/rails in the Age of Bundler

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I’ve only followed the development of Rails 3.0 from a distance, mainly taking note of the major features and goals for the project and mostly ignoring all the little details that go into it. Once the 3.0 release candidate arrived, I started my next internal project with it and have been slowly coming up to speed on those little details. One that’s stymied me for a while is Bundler.

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My First Foray into Facebook Ads

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Web Roulette hasn’t lit the world on fire. Thus far I’ve been working on free options: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn contacts, submissions to app review sites, giving out handfuls of promo codes and asking the younger members of my extended family to give them to their friends. It hasn’t made a noticeable difference. Thus far, sales have followed the usual “app curve”: the biggest sales day is day #1, with an almost exponential decline to one or two a day, at best.

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