Control Your Own Destiny

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Daring Fireball recently linked to a piece at The Economist discussing Amazon’s blocking of Lendle.

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Music to Code By: Anna Calvi

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Anna Calvi is the first new act to really catch my attention in 2011. Her self-titled debut shows a lot of promise, bookended by the lead-in “Rider to the Sea” and the closing “Love Won’t Be Leaving”. In between are eight more tracks: dark and moody, but mostly holding back. I get the feeling she’s going to go on a tear at any moment, but it never quite happens, at least not in studio.

Anna Calvi (iTunes, Amazon MP3)

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RIP Search Bleach

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Search Bleach, Light Year’s extension for Safari, Chrome and Firefox that hid Google search results from a list of domains, was made obsolete today. Google announced that hiding domains is now built-in:

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