Slides from Cocoa Networking Talk

I have posted the slides from my talk on networking with Cocoa at CocoaConf. For those that attended: thank you! It was great meeting so many new people and having the opportunity to present.

One common suggestion for improvement from attendees was for demos. These are always tricky with networking topics, because you never know how good the Wi-Fi will be at a conference. When I give this talk in the future, I think I will split it into two, build some demos, and bring a second laptop with a cross-over cable.

Music to Code By: June

Instead of focusing on a single band or record in a Music to Code By post, I’m going to try something a bit different this time. For me, there are two kinds of coding. The first is deep thought: architecture design, solving a difficult algorithmic problem or hunting down a tricky bug. Read More

Happy World IPv6 Day

June 8, 2011 is World IPv6 Day. Many large organizations around the world will offer their primary website’s content on the IPv6 Internet in addition to IPv4. If all goes well, the hope is that this will be a permanent change and these sites will operate dual-stack.

You can test your ability to reach the IPv6 Internet by visiting

If you operate a website, you can make your content available directly to IPv6 users, too. Obtain a native IPv6 address block from your Internet provider, configure your servers with an IPv6 address, then add AAAA entries to your DNS for the new address.


CocoaConf is a new developer-focused conference for Mac OS X and iOS being held August 12-13 in Columbus, OH. I am presenting a session on networking with Cocoa. It will cover the various APIs available to Mac OS X and iOS developers from Apple and third-parties, as well as touch on issues unique to using the network on a mobile platform.

Early registration opened today and you can get a conference pass for 50% off.