Christmas Lights Finder 1.0 for iOS

Our latest iOS app, Christmas Lights Finder, is now available on the App Store.

This app has been tumbling around in my head for almost a year. Our kids really like looking at the lights people put on their houses and in their yards, but they don’t always have the longest attention span, especially at night when they are tired. While it’s fine to aimlessly drive around and look at lights, I thought it would be far better, and more fun for mom and dad, if we had an idea of where to go to see really great lights. What better than an app on your phone to point the way?

When I started researching it, I found out that it’s become surprisingly common for people to go all-in with computer controlled animation and music on a low-power FM station. You may remember the guy from 2005, but there are loads more examples if you search YouTube for “christmas lights”.

An app with as many of those huge light displays plus a way to catalog the more reasonable things people usually do would be great, and everyone I pitched the idea to agreed.

When I started working on it late this past summer, there were zero apps on the store that did anything remotely like it. This year there, there are three. I think we have the best interface and feature balance, and as far as I can tell we have the largest database by far: almost 1200 locations as I write this, with few user submissions since the app has only been on sale for a day.

I’m hoping that Apple’s editors agree and they choose to feature the app in the annual Christmas apps section.

As always, if you buy the app and like it, please leave a review, or at least a rating!